Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We send our thoughts and best wishes to you, your families, colleagues and friends during these unprecedented times.

In view of the unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19, we are concerned that there may be interruptions in the delivery of mail and courier packages.  We are currently working off site, and therefore we are requesting that you please refrain from sending us any correspondence by mail or courier, but instead, use email as your primary mode of correspondence with us.

Please send any required correspondence and attachments to your regular OGRP contact, with a copy to in order to ensure timely processing of your instructions.

If you have an invoice that you wish for us to pay, please send the invoice to your regular OGRP contact and copy

If you have a question concerning payment of an invoice that you have received from us, please contact us at, and we will provide wiring instructions.

All other inquiries should be sent to