Terrence J. McAllister, our Trademark Partner was moderating an INTA roundtable in Stamford covering “Trademarks in Advertising and Product Packaging- the Social Media Impact”.  The luncheon program was held in our offices on Wednesday, July 20.

Advertising, marketing and product packaging review programs must focus on several keys issues including proper treatment of your own trademarks and third party rights.  The importance in protecting the value and goodwill in your company’s trademarks, brands, trade dress and related rights, along with a recognition of third party rights becomes even more critical with the increasing use of social media to advertise and market products.  As advertising, marketing and product packaging move from the traditional formats to new social media platforms, staying on top of the key issues becomes crucial to any successful review program.

Some of topics discussed:

-Traditional trademark use issues; trademark notices- protect your Brand  

-Use of Third Party trademarks and other rights- understand potential infringement issues.

-Facebook and other Social Media–The New Advertising Frontier and what needs to change.

INTA’s Roundtables are designed to serve as a vehicle to network and trade thoughts with your peers, compare and learn new strategies, and address common issues and challenges facing the trademark and intellectual property community.