For over decade Mr. McGuire has developed global patent strategies for companies of all sizes to coordinate all aspects of prosecution, licensing, and litigation. Mr. McGuire’s practice focuses on procurement and enforcement of intellectual property rights, including patent prosecution, post grant practice (reissue, inter parties disputes, interference practice) the preparation of patent infringement, validity and freedom-to-operate opinions, intellectual property due diligence, litigation, and client counseling on intellectual property matters. Mr. McGuire is an experienced prosecutor over a wide range of technologies, including extensive experience with patents for computer technology and industrial machinery, having prosecuted over 700 patent cases globally.

Mr. McGuire obtained his Bachelor’s degree at St. John’s College, routinely identified as among the U.S.’s best colleges, and crowned by Newsweek “most rigorous college or university in America.” St. Johns’ distinctive “Great Books Program” centers on reading, focused dialectic, and laboratory experimentation based on primary source texts from the Western Canon of philosophical, religious, historical, mathematical, scientific, and literary works, including four years of mathematics and three years of laboratory science. Mr. McGuire credits this education for his ability to provide IP solutions for technology, business, and law as an integrated whole. “By deeply engaging source texts and original experiments,” he explains, “you learn from the great minds and innovators in their own words and approaches. I learned geometry from Euclid and Lobachevski, economics and power from Smith and Machiavelli, classical physics and calculus from Newton and Leibnitz, electromagnetism from Faraday and Maxwell, general and special relativity from Einstein, and quantum physics from Bohr, de Broglie and Schrödinger. As a patent attorney, I get to continue engaging shrewd innovators and genius inventors in their own words and translate that into legal protection and hard IP assets.”

Please join us in welcoming Mr. McGuire to our expanding legal practice.